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Pearls of Islam Drumming School

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Take your first step with us on a journey to singing praises and learning how to "make salawat with your hands" by playing the drum. Each week you are introduced to different rhythms and nasheeds that will equip you with the confidence to play and sing independently 

 These courses have been specifically designed to teach the unique drumming style of Pearls of Islam and their influences incorporating technique and style from the daff, djembe, and the darbouka tradition

Online and INPERSON course are available.

Course are open to Ladies and Children and are taught by Sakinah Lenoir and Aisha Sanusi.

For more details on cost, timing and further details please see below


STAGE TWO: Ladies Drumming and Nasheed Course (April/May 2024)

.Open to students who have completed either stage one  of our Pearls of Islam Drumming School Curriculum.


Starts: Sunday 21st January 2024

6:15pm to 7:15pm (GMT)

Only open to Ladies ( 16+)


5 Weeks


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Ladies Weekend Intensive Course

A one-off weekend intensive taught by Sakinah Lenoir covering our stage one drumming and nasheed course. You will learn 3-4 different rhythms that can be played alongside popular nasheeds in English and Arabic, like Tala al badr alayna and Mawla Ya Salli.

In addition you will receive access to a course pack and recordings of all the rhythms and songs that we will cover in the course. Available for an entire year.

This is a course open to beginners and Ladies from 16 years above

We highly recommend that you have a drum available
All types of drums are welcome into the space

Taught and led by Sakinah Lenoir. Sakinah has been playing with her group Pearls of Islam for over 15 years and has 10 years experience in teaching drumming and nasheeds to women and children

Level: Beginner

This event is for women only.


2023 September Drumming and Nasheed Term.png

What do our students say about our courses?..

"My son absolutely loves learning how to sing and drum with Ustadha Sakinah. He has taken beginners courses and private classes all online. Ustadha Sakinah is an incredibly friendly, kind and patient teacher who makes the lessons so much fun. She makes gentle corrections without ever undermining his confidence and is good natured with him whenever he is chattering away about something unrelated! She teaches very calmly, effectively and clearly. My son has learned Tala al Badru alayna, the Qasida burda and some other lovely nasheeds - and he has taught his younger brothers too! It's wonderful to hear the children remembering Allah SWT and our Prophet SAW."

Dr Jay

Children Drumming and Nasheed Course

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