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Pearls of Islam consist of Sakinah Lenoir and Rabiah Mali a British duo with African Caribbean heritage. They share songs of praise, words of devotion and sounds of love. They are singer-songwriters who compose and arrange all of their songs. Their music is heavily rooted in traditional Islamic poetry ( Qasaid) and contemporary sounds




This album is an offering, a gift from the past 10 years of our journey. Every note sung, every chord strummed and beat drummed is a stone in the foundation of building our relationship with the Divine.It was in these years of performing across the globe and attempting this recording journey we realised that we had sought perfection in our sound, in our melodies, our harmonies believing that anything less would dishonor the message of heavenly love.


 This year we learnt that the imperfections were a perfect reflection of us as individuals. So know that the sound that has been birthed reflects seeking hearts, loving hearts, yearning hearts but not perfect hearts.This is an album that unashamedly speaks from that imperfect heart which dances between the beauty and the pain of Love. So these tracks are for you whether you are filled to the brim with Love or in search of the stillness and comfort of love. Inshallah we pray that this album will build a foundation of Love for us all… one song at a time.


2. Beat of My Heart
3. Spiritual Refugee
4. The one who knows
5. The Love Poem
6. Mercy
7. Mawla ya Salli ft Ahmad Ikhlas
8. The Full Moon (Ya Badrutim)
9. Oh Light of My Eyes
10. Rumi’s Song
11. Love is my Foundation (Live)

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