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Rhythms of Remembrance Series

Conversations on the Daff, Qasida and Sacred Sound

A three part series looking at the tradition of the Daff ( frame drum) Qasida ( devotional poetry and song), sacred sound and silence as tools of healing, praise and remembrance of the Divine.

All events are online and open to all 
This is a Free event however we encourage and welcome donations.

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Chapter One: The Story of the Daff: Exploring the significance of the daff drum within the Muslim tradition.

With Anjum Kasmani (Desert Echo Daff School)
Friday 15th July
8:00pm to 9:00pm (BST)
Suggested Donation: £5
ONLINE via Zoom
Open to All

The drum is the oldest percussion instrument known in history. It has been used alongside the voice in multiple traditions and cultures around the world. Within the muslim tradition the daff has been used to accompany poetry in praise of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and in gatherings of celebration
Join us as we welcome drummer & Daff teacher and founder of Desert Echo Daff School; Anjum Kasmani as we explore more about the role of the daff and its physical, spiritual and emotional benefits.

Anjum Kasmani ( Desert Echo Daff School)
Anjum Kasmani is a traditional drummer, Daff teacher and founder of Desert Echo Daff School. After studying the Daff in Jordan in 2007, Anjum produced a specialised Daff curriculum for western students and began teaching with the simple aim of reviving traditional sounds in Muslim homes in the UK. 
Since 2008 Anjum has been facilitating places for women and children to express themselves via the drum beat. Anjum’s passion has led her to teaching thousands of students around the world, working with multiple artists and inspiring new and emerging devotional drummers and drum institutes. Anjums dedication to the Daff also led her to creating Desert Echo Munshidaat and Mini Munshidaat, two female nasheed groups and launching her own collection of drums. She moved to Sydney Australia in 2017 where she continues to teach devotional drumming. She currently drums with Noor Al Imaan Munshidaat Sydney. Her work can be followed at @desertechodrums 


Chapter Two: Healing with the Voice: Sound and Silence

With Rabiah Mali (Pearls of Islam)

“Vocal music is considered to be the highest, for it is natural; the effect produced by an instrument which is merely a machine cannot be compared with that of the human voice. However perfect strings may be, they cannot make the same impression on the listener as the voice which comes direct from the soul as breath, and has been brought to the surface through the medium of the mind and the vocal organs of the body.”
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Rabiah Mali, a singing herbalist will explore the psychological and healing benefits of sacred sound and silence. Whether it be in the healing recitation of Quran, collective chanting of dhikr or the circles of praise. Sound has the means to heal and revive the soul. Rabiah will briefly touch upon sacred sound and its ability to heal.

Sunday 17th July
8:00pm to 9:00pm (BST)
Suggested Donation: £5


Rabiah Mali
Rabiah studied western Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster and has been a qualified herbalist since 2008. After her degree she travelled to Ghana, where her time spent with a local traditional herbalist re-ignited her love for nature and relating to plants from a spiritual worldview. In recent years her experiences with using herbs in her practice has  deepened her passion for the symbiotic relationship between nature, humans and spirituality. She is an associate of the St Ethelburga’s Spiritual Ecology fellowship, which led to the founding of the Green Deen Tribe, a movement of Nature connection founded in Islamic spirituality.
Rabiah set up The Herbal Blessing Clinic a community sliding scale clinic in East London which provides herbal consultation service, herb walks and workshops to the local community. She is currently the lead facilitator at the Green deen Tribe retreats, Mercy of the womb series  and is teaching a 5 month Herbal apprenticeship course in Bethnal Green and West London. She is also a guest tutor of Western Herbalism on a Tibb e Nabawi course.  Her work can be followed at 
@herbalblessingclinic and @pearls.ofislam


Chapter Three: Musings of a Nasheed Artist: Exploring the history of Devotional songs within Islam

With Uthman Ames

Saturday 30th July
8:00pm to 9:00pm(BST)
Suggested Donation: £5

Qasida is the tradition of singing poetry in praise and remembrance of God, the Prophet or as a means of supplication. It has a deep rooting within the Muslim tradition with many Scholars, sufi sages and seekers of knowledge engaged in the art of poetry. Singing and listening to Qasidas can lighten the soul and bring joy to the heart of the seeker. Uthman Ames, a devotional singer and lover of nasheeds, will join us to share his journey with singing nasheeds and reflect upon the creative and spiritual legacy that has been left behind for us in the plethora of traditional Qasa’aid that we have access to today.

Uthman Ames
Uthman Ames is a Filipino American convert. He grew up in San Diego, CA and in the year 1998 he converted to Islam. Shortly after his conversion he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then he has learned various Nasheeds and melodies. He regularly sings for the Bay Area community  weekly gatherings, and has traveled around the country and internationally to perform with many renowned Nasheed artist. 
By profession Uthman Ames is a Registered Nurse BSN And works for Kaiser Permanente. He is married with 4 beautiful children and besides loving Mawlids he also loves Brazilian jujitsu. 

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