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The Pearls of Islam drumming school formerly known as the Tumaadir drumming school was set up by Sakinah Lenoir in 2012. Sakinah lenoir has been performing with her nasheed duo Pearls of Islam for over a decade. The duo have an extensive range of experience in drumming and singing and have been invited all over the UK and the world to perform and share their art. The duo have become renowned for their unique drumming style and fusion of different traditions. They incorporate the djembe, darbouka and daff in their performances.

The intention of the school was to use their experience and love for the drum and the voice as a means of healing, gathering, expression and remembrance of the divine. The school is a space to revive the beautiful tradition of drumming and singing as means of praise and remembrance particularly among women and children from the Muslim community.

Drumming and Singing is a vehicle of healing and can be used to bring people from all walks of life together as well as introduce beneficial skills such as enhancing ones concentration, listening, "better flow of oxygen through deep breathing, reduces stress and anxiety, builds stamina, helps you ‘be in the now’ and makes you happy". Drumming paired with singing nasheeds and praises of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) then takes the art to a completely different dimension.

The drumming school has been running for over 5 years and alhamdulilah in 2020 launched its online programme which saw the beginning of their 'Foundations of Daff Course' and Online Group classes

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our teachers

Guest teachers:


Aisha Sanusi

Aisha is  currently an advanced drumming student who has been being taught by Sakinah for over 2 years. She has performed with the group Rhythms of Remembrance. She is a Quran teacher alongside being a professional balloon stylist! 

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Anjum Kasmani

Imam Habib Khan



This course allowed me to keep a sense of community in a time when connections are limited. While connecting with my sisters all over the globe, I have been able to praise God and His Messenger (saws) in a virtual gathering. I gained confidence in me singing and would definitely do it more often !

Singing Circle

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Iman Khadijah

Words fail me! This is quite possibly the best hour of my daughter's week!  The beautifully chosen songs ignite so much love for Allah and our Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa salam) in my daughter and she cannot stop singing even outside the lessons. I wish I had spent my childhood enjoying a fragrant hour of singing and drumming each week - what a blessing for our children! I cannot thank Sakina and Pearls enough for giving our children this wonderful opportunity to learn from them. I could not have asked for more a beautiful, talented and humble role model for my young daughter. 

Girls Group Course

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My two children, aged 8 and 10, were buzzing during and after the Summer course. They've done online singing classes before but this was far and above better. My son had a few reservations before starting the drumming course as he'd been put off by a class he had taken a couple of years ago. But he came on leaps and bounds with this course, thanks to excellent teaching from Sakinah. It really brought his passion back for drumming and it's amazing watching him play his beats! He said he learnt so much. My daughter has always loved singing and she found the choice of songs and style of teaching was just right

Summer Course

Sakinah L

Sakinah is the founder and director of the Pearls of Islam Drumming school ( formerly known as Tumaadir Drumming School). Her drumming school has enabled her to really reach out and connect specifically to women and children who are yearning for a platform for creative expression. She has worked in many different schools, after-school clubs and in community spaces and continues to raise the flag in reviving the art of spirituality and creativity as a means of healing.


Rabiah Mali

Rabiah is one half of Pearls of Islam and is a practicing Medical Herbalist. She has been performing with her group Pearls of Islam for over a decade.One of the first all female Muslim performers to establish themselves in the UK, She enjoys playing the darbouka, djembe and cajon. Her experience within the Muslim Creative Scene has led her to faciltiate many poetry and song writing workshops as well as drumming and singing gatherings,

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"Wonderful introduction to drumming and singing (for someone shy like myself), I was made to feel very comfortable. Really respect the intention behind what you guys are doing and ask Allah to accept it. Look forward to learning more."

One to One Drumming Course

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"My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her drumming and sessions with Sakinah. I was relieved to know that classes were being delivered online. My daughter has quickly picked up the beats due to excellent teaching. I would highly recommend Pearls of Islam Drumming School. My daughter will be continuing in 2021 Insha Allah.

One to One Children Drumming and Nasheed Course


"Excellent teachers that are able cater for adults/children SEN . They are able to adapt the courses to meet the needs of the individual."

One to One Drumming and Nasheed Class

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