Tumaadir Drumming School

The Tumaadir Drumming School was named after Tumaadir bint Amr; a female poet and companion during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Her poetry and creativity was encouraged and liked by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and so the School  seeks to encourage, support and teach women and children from all walks of life, the power of creativity through poetry, songs and drums!

The Tumaadir Drumming School is a means of reconnecting with the natural rhythmic beats that reside in us all; but we especially listen to the beat that resides with women and children. Drumming and song is an integral part of many cultures and it is often the women and younger generation that take part in these events.

Many studies have highlighted the benefits of creative expression and drumming, not only has it been proven to be a benefit mentally, some schools that introduced drumming workshops have reported a noticeable difference in the concentration of students. Drumming workshops are used for building team spirits and confidence in the corporate market, but is also useful among groups of women who have experienced domestic violence and other traumatic experiences. One of the beauties of the drums is that it has its own language which allows us to work with communities who are not confident or fluent in English. Workshops have also been introduced as part of a healthy heart scheme as a means of light exercise.

The Drumming School consists of two enthusiastic workshop leaders, who have been performing as Pearls of Islam, for over 10 years. They have performed at various events and festivals across the UK and Europe. The band have become renowned for their unique drumming style using a mix of the traditional djembe (African), darbouka (Turkish), duff (Arab) and the guitar.

They provide tailor-made workshops and drumming sessions for various community groups and explore the traditions and customs of the drums in many different cultures, they incorporate traditional African and Arabic songs and poetry with a fusion of different drum beats. So whether you are looking for a one-off taster drumming workshop or a course to get you started on your journey with drumming and song, the Pearls will be able to provide.

If you would like to book yourself in for a private lesson or would like to know about our next workshop or course, feel free to email us at info@pearlsofislam.co.uk.